Our History

History of Bharatiya Mandir Inc.

Religion is part of the identity and existence for the immigrants from the South Asian community. Therefore while living in New Zealand, in order to feel “home away from home”, it is important for them to have a place where they can express themselves, speak their languages, practise and celebrate their festivals, link their values with their adopted home and feel proud of who they are and where they have come from.

The Inspiration

In 1986 a group of Hindu Auckland based community members using a futuristic approach realised the need for building a temple to serve the above mentioned purpose. The Hindu community was growing and a new generation was taking birth in the foreign land. This had potential to cause conflict due to differing cultural ideas and concepts between the two generations. There was great demand from within the migrant community for spiritual support for the new Aucklanders.

As a result, the Bhartiya Mandir was built at a site purified with blessings of Vedic mantras recited by Saints and Acharya. This epitome of love and worship will continue to inspire, improve, preserve and promote the Hindu way of life amongst the future generations of Hindus on this land.

The Bhartiya Mandir Committee is fortunately led by people of great commitment, vision and planning. Their co-ordinated efforts and commitment involved the entire Hindu Community of New Zealand, especially of greater Auckland. They worked tirelessly to raise funds and spent long hours in planning and completing this admirable project.

There were several community members who identified the need for a proper Temple in the spirit of “Sanatan Dharma”. The committee was set up and to be known as Bharatiya Mandir Indian Temple Inc.

Until now, Bharatiya Mandir has become the biggest landmark and a community centre for the people of Indian origin. It’s a matter of pride to mention that Bharatiya Mandir has also acquired four properties, adjacent to the temple which will be developed in the future for the benifit of the community.

❝Our Vision is empower the community to Engage, Support, Develop and Celebrate together and Continue for the generations to come.❞