Balmoral Hall is now available for hire!

The Balmoral Community Hall

This building is to be used as a Community hall that will cater to the needs of the community at large.

Currently in the adjacent hall to this building, a Chinese group holds health and wellbeing sessions for senior citizens throughout the week. Some ballet and dance groups also use this place for their practice after hours.

Bharatiya Mandir Management Committee acknowledges and express their appreciation for the following Funding Agencies, who have contributed towards the renovation of Balmoral Hall:

  • Akarana Community Trust Ltd
  • Four Winds Foundation
  • Lions Foundation
  • Dragon Foundation

Purpose of Community Hall

  • Will provide the Hindu community a platform to share and celebrate the culture and traditions.
  • The projects that are currently running in the temple premises with limited resources and on a smaller scale will get a bigger space and resources.
  • The projects have potential to run more professionally as there will be sufficient space and environment for community engagement and development.
  • The community hall will give the present and new generation, plentiful space to bloom, grow, and develop and be proud to be part of it.

The upcoming projects will be focusing on:

  • Bal Vikas
  • Youth Development
  • Senior citizen support
  • Adult learning and empowering
  • Cultural Dance training

Our Commitment

The voluntary management committee for the Balmoral Community Hall is totally committed towards catering to the growing needs of its community in the area of education, art and cultural exchange, social interaction, events and celebrations.

The members of the management committee come from different walks of life and have substantial professional and educational experience in running of businesses, managing positions of great responsibilities in the Government and Private Sector Organisations. They are well equipped to run all relevant administration functions such as managing hall hire bookings for community related programs, upkeep and maintenance of the facilities, adhering to the health and safety requirements and maintaining proper records of all financial transactions just to name a few.

Furthermore, the management committee pledges all its actions and efforts for the betterment of its community members, keeping their interests, greater welfare and well-being always in the forefront. It will at all times work with, for and by the community.

The committee will ensure that the Balmoral Community Hall will be utilised in the best interest and welfare of the community and will not be operating for profit making.